When my husband had shoulder surgery and when my daughter was seriously ill, the arrival of food was an indescribable relief to alleviate some of the stress. Out of all of the additional things that needed attention, I was very very grateful to not have to think about what to feed the family or dedicate the time and energy to imagine cooking something healthy. Agape Celebration and restoration meals was a God send! MT


 I can't even begin to describe how wonderful that simple act was while I was recovering from my first spinal cord surgery.  It was such a huge blessing. CG


It was a tremendous blessing post op!  Really lifted my spirits and provided tasty interesting food!SM


There is nothing like having meals brought to you when you are recovering from major surgery. We were blessed more than we expected. And my fiancé was introduced to quinoa. A real need being met.  We love receiving Restoration Meals and giving them.


Love on a plate! So grateful for this service